Yomento Leadership Approach

A Personal Leadership Trainer
Yomento is a personal leadership trainer, inspired by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), to help leaders develop their core leadership skills and behaviors.

Leadership is like a muscle…
We believe that leadership is like any other skill. A practicable, learnable skill.

Think of it as a muscle. If one goes to the gym and exercises every day, the muscles grow. If one stops exercising, the muscles will not grow.

This means anyone is capable of developing their leadership skills. If one invests time and effort in their practice.

So, with Yomento, a leader practices her leadership at work, in real life. Not in a classroom.

Based on the latest research
We have gathered experienced leaders and scientists and combined them with the latest research and training methods, in order to help the modern leader to practice her leadership in an effective way.

Individualized training
To make a training effective for a leader, it needs to be individualized. That’s why we use technology to make a smart Personal Trainer who can challenge the leader based on who she is and what context she leads in.

Core leadership skills
With Yomento, the leader practices core leadership skills. We believe any leader need to master core leadership skills, wherever and whoever you lead.

The objective is to make the team engaged, innovative and productive — happily working together towards a shared vision and goals.

The 6 core leadership areas
• Communication
• Feedback
• Team
• Time management
• Performance Development
• Delegation

A unique training format
In every core leadership area, the leader has certain behaviors to practice. To make the training effective, we have created a bite-sized training format we call “Loops”.

This is what a loop looks like
• The leader gets challenged to practice a behavior, to take action.
• Yomento explains why the action is important and how the leader should do it.
• The leader practices the action in real life, at work.
• The practice ends with a reflection to understand how it affects your leadership.

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