Driving In Jakarta? Don’t Be A Douchebag
Ario Tamat

you know what interestingly, my driver fits several of the criteria you mentioned above. I couldn’t believe the number of times every day I had to tell him to stop changing lanes, or giving ways to other vehicles or pedestrians, or to hold back before causing a gridlock on an intersection.

yet personality-wise, he’s miles away from what you’d call a douchebag. he’s the quiet, only-speaks-when-he’s-spoken-to middle age guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly even if he had to.

i think the main issue is simply ignorance rather than douchebaggery. people are not being taught to consider how would their action affects other people.

when I asked him “why didn’t you just give way to that car so that he can pass and clear the traffic from the other side?”, I realised that he’s just not wired to see it that way.

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