Reality reveals that software development has more similarities with more artistically-oriented-practices than differences

Illustrated by the amazingly talented

Software design and development have much more in common with various other practices such as painting, product, architecture, UI/UX design and honestly any other design involving professions.

Let’s not contemplate any further and look at some examples. Who do you think had drawn these wireframes and sketches? Developers? Designers? —

Real-World Examples

How constantly composing solutions to daily problems with the aid of Pseudo Code can help us become better developers

What’s up?

In the book Art of War, written by Sun Tzu is a master piece with deep insights to strategy, tactics and the differences between the two. A remembered quote from it that had become quite famous around the world is —

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory…

A 2 minutes getting started guide for Yarn Package Manager

Yarn is basically a better package manager, better in what you ask? Well, to start with it is also a version-manager that enables you to easily lock your project dependencies and thus, preventing any errors relating to breaking changes in the various dependencies you have in your project. …

When I turned 21 and had just finished the army, unlike most of my generation, I decided that my “finding myself” experience would be becoming economically independent (no longer depending on my Polish mother). I wanted to rent a place for myself in Tel Aviv and find a well paid…

Yonatan Doron

Frontend Craftsman & Consultant at , UX Engineer, Community Leader at Hodash Dev Community, Stealth Startup Cofounder, open source contributor

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