It’s time for next chapter

On 25th of January 2013 we founded Kano, with the promise to build a company that would help Micah and his generation — anyone, anywhere, to make, learn and play with technology, not just consume it. Founding Kano alongside Alex and Saul, serving as its first CEO, and relentlessly working with an exceptional group of people has been a real honour and a tremendous personal journey.

Today, 4 years after it all started, a new chapter begins as I am transitioning from a full-time operational role to a non-executive director role, through which I will continue to support the team and work alongside our Board members to help the company deliver on its ambitious mission.

Since founding in January 2013, our team has accomplished outstanding results:

  • We’ve created the Kano DIY Computer, an award-winning computer and coding kit, now in the hands of over 100,000 children in households, classrooms and clubs in over 80 countries, empowering a global community of young coders who created coded projects with over 20 million lines of code.
  • We’ve launched two of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all-time (2013 & 2016), as well as launching in mass retail across the United States and Canada, partnering with Toys R’Us, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Microsoft and Indigo, and meaningfully bringing fun computing education to over 1000 classrooms.
  • We’ve established Kano Academy, our commitment to the 1% Pledge, through which we donate 1% of units sold annually. Among the children we’ve supported are 600 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon and Girls-focused Code Clubs in Kenya, Uganda and Senegal, in partnership with Theirworld; 60 Code Clubs throughout the UK, in partnership with STEMnet and the Science Museum, and many more.
  • We’ve built an ambitious and committed multinational team headquartered in London which, as Sir Martin Sorrell once said, is unleashing children’s talents.
  • Last but not least, we’ve earned trust and excitement from children, parents, teachers and the media, and have raised capital from passionate investors to whom I’ll always be grateful for the mentorship and belief in our team and mission.

Special words of appreciation to Saul, who not only brought me and Alex together, but also played an instrumental role in this journey, as well as to Kano’s Board members, John Makinson (Chairman), Alex, and James Higa and our shareholders, Jim Breyer, Marc Benioff and many more, for their continuous support.

My eternal gratitude and appreciation to the Kano team, without whom nothing, literally, would have been possible. I salute each and every one of them for the commitment, dedication and exceptional work, and I look forward to continue to work alongside our Board members to help build a long-lasting company that impact kids of all ages, all over the world. The time I’ve spent recruiting, mentoring and leading our team has been, by far, my proudest activity as a founder and executive. I feel privileged to also have had the opportunity to speak about and share the Kano mission at dozens public occasions worldwide, some of which were enjoyable and memorable.

My belief in the Kano mission has never been greater; my confidence in the company’s potential has never been stronger; and although not without challenges, the path forward for the business has never been more exciting.

I look forward to take the time to reflect on 4 years of intensive building and creation, nurture passions and explore future compelling expeditions, spend time with friends and family, take care of my mind and body, and chat over coffee with people who are doing incredible things.

This is only the beginning of the journey — for Kano, and for me.

Let’s Go!

Yonatan R-F