Your writing made me cry.
Emily Clarke

Of course you can!

And next time some twatwaffle remarks something like that, you might consider that if he’s having so much trouble thinking of things, then perhaps your brain is not the one having problems.

If you feel some urge to help him with his difficulty in thinking of things, you might remind him of Emmy Noether (either one of the greatest mathematical physicists or one of the greatest abstract algebraists of history, depending on whether you’re asking a physicist or a mathematician), or of Maryam Mirzakhani, one of the greatest modern geometers — she won the Fields Medal in 2014, before unexpectedly passing away (horribly young!) earlier this year.

Those are just the first two pure mathematicians who pop into my head; there are plenty more. And when you go into other fields… well, remember that CS was female-dominated until the mid-80’s. Bio is increasingly female-dominated. The question of which STEM fields are more men or more women is purely politics and who gets encouraged to do it; it is not, and has never been, a question of talent.

Or, if he really is having so much trouble thinking of women in mathematics, there’s always the Internet. I find this site fairly useful:

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