Move Over, Youtube. The Future of Online Video Outlined with Tony Jarboe, CEO of Yondo.

Apr 16, 2018 · 5 min read
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CEO and founder of Yondo, Tony Jarboe, discusses the upcoming ICO for Yondo, how Yondo came to be one of Forbes’ “Top 9 Must-Have Online Tools” and the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Tony lets us in on some Yondo secrets and shares his wisdom about the future of online video.

So Tony, what exactly is Yondo?

Yondo is the world’s first all-in-one ecommerce video solution. We provide businesses with the platform to sell their services via a range of video options, all embedded on their website. This ranges from 1 to 1 video to live video to online video courses to video on demand. Basically, anything an ecommerce business wants to sell via video, Yondo can cater for it. On top of that, we make it incredibly easy for our clients to sign up, track registrations and payments, as well as making the customer experience pleasurable and intuitive.

What’s Yondo’s history?

Well, Yondo was really an evolution from our previous business called Expertory. Expertory was a live video marketplace that allowed tutors, teachers and various experts to sell their services via video. I’d read in the New York Times that there was an older lady who was teaching piano lessons via Skype, as many people in her small town in Upstate New York had long since gone and she found that she was making better living teaching online. Yet she had a big problems with scheduling and payments, and was not alone with that. So we came up with a solution called Expetory that allowed experts to easily book and collect payments. The marketplace grew quickly, especially with established businesses.

However, after an amount of time we realized that companies didn’t want their services to be compared on a marketplace and instead wanted the service embedded on their sites. That’s how we came up with Yondo- a platform that could provide video on demand, live video or embedded video on client websites, an easy option for businesses to monetize their knowledge and services from their own website. That was really what businesses and experts needed and we were happy to give it to them.

What was the inspiration behind Yondo?

The reality is that video is the future for all businesses. That’s something we firmly believe at Yondo and it’s borne out through our experience. As technology becomes more ubiquitous and integrated into people’s lives, static text and images just won’t have the same pull as video does. That’s why we pivoted away from a marketplace to the video platform we have now. As ecommerce services become more specialized and highly competitive, many businesses won’t survive if they don’t have video or a way of directing customers to their website. The product has been around for a few years now and we’re seeing month on month growth of 20%, so we’re confident that our original hunch for creating Yondo was correct. It’s an exciting time for us but we are looking now at what the next tech solutions are for our platform.

Now you’ve gone out to the community with an ICO, what’s the motivation behind it and why do you think Yondo is well placed for success with this ICO?

Essentially, the ICO provides for us an all in one solution. We’ve spent months researching this (7 in total, in fact). For us, an ICO makes sense. The YondoCoin is a true utility token and we are really excited about its potential and usability straight after the ICO. That’s why we are so excited about the ICO- because we are an already established company with a strong market position and we’re ready to start implementing our work as soon as the ICO sale is finished. That’s why we think Yondo will be much more successful than other ICOs out there- we’re basically ready to get it all turned on, so to speak.

What is it about Yondo that sets you apart from the competition?

For us, it’s about technology and ease of use. Our products are very unique and are tailored to business needs. Our live video streaming, for example, allows businesses to live stream their product at any time and they can respond to feedback using their mobile device, for example. It’s great, because our clients can record their videos and then broadcast them as live footage, so they can be doing a live video and responding to audience questions on their mobile, while on the subway, or at a baseball game of a football game, for example. But we’re not stopping there and that’s why the ICO is important to us.

We are developing AI- based intelligent video, as well as localizing our product for specific territories. We’re also developing a blockchain network to back up our technology and are planning to implement decentralized computing in the future too. There’s so much in store, especially as the ecommerce market continues to grow and consumer demands become ever more complex. We’re preparing to deliver exactly what our clients need to best satisfy their customers.

What’s AI-based intelligent video?

AI-based intelligent video is exactly as it sounds. We made the first step last year of releasing a product called live experience, where our clients are able to live broadcast their videos and the AI upgrade will be able to provide customers with information as the video is playing. For example, while watching a cooking show video, the customer can ask the AI for a list of ingredients in the recipe. The AI will then pop up the recipe list in a PDF form. Or if they want to see how the chef in the cooking video was cutting the peppers, they ask the AI bot how the peppers are being cut and the bot will rewind back to the specific moment where the chef was cutting the peppers. AI makes all videos totally interactive and that’s what we’re so excited about- it’s customer involvement and business promotion on a whole new level.

Why should the world be interested in Yondo?

From an ICO perspective, we are one of the few companies that is good to go. We don’t need to go searching around for the things we need- we have them and are ready to implement straight after the token sale. We have been growing fast, will only get bigger, have strong business credentials and are poised to grow our business globally. For us, that’s a solid set of fundamentals that justifies why we are going ahead with the ICO. All of it is detailed further in our White Paper.

Are the Yondo team excited about the potential of the ICO?

Absolutely. Expanding in this way has been on our minds for quite some time, although it’s not all that we do! We have a great team culture at Yondo and all strive for similar things. Most of the team have young families and our head office is based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia. We do have a global presence and some of our team members work remotely in the USA and Russia. For all of us, it’s an exciting time to be part of the various revolutions happening in tech- AI, blockchain, cryptocurrency and so forth. We can’t wait to get started.

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