Win the war for talent using the power of Virtual Reality

There’s no doubt about it: Virtual Reality is no longer just a gadget. In 2016, Google, Samsung and Sony all released budget-friendly VR glasses and a whopping 26.5 million are set to be sold this year. We can no longer dismiss VR, and departments like HR are catching on quickly. How can VR contribute to the success of an HR department exactly? Read on and find out.

Companies are increasing their employment branding efforts, it’s as simple as that. In an era where millennials strive for maximum impact and involvement with their employer, it’s important to stand out.

Those searching for a job today will mostly focus on a strong company culture and values. Admittedly, those are elements that can be brought up during job interviews. Applicants can ask away about work environments, dress codes or even the last team building activity, but it doesn’t get the job applicant even one foot out of the meeting room, which leaves plenty to the imagination.

That’s where VR comes in: for modern organizations, it’s the perfect technology to show, not tell, when it comes to sharing company values and presenting your millennial-proof working environment.

The ultimate experience: your company in VR

Do you want to excel at modern recruitment? Welcome your applicants with a virtual tour around the company. Wander through hallways, your cozy kitchen, your team’s desks and maybe even that awesome foosball table in the rec room. While doing so, talk about what makes your company worthwhile.

Things take an even more exciting turn when you use 360° video to show applicants what a day in the life of your company looks like. You will stand out for sure, promised. On top of that, it simplifies the recruitment process, as candidates make more informed decisions based on their VR experiences. Ill fits will weed themselves out, just like that.

Willemen Groep developed an impressive experience to give recent graduates a taste of the Willemen world through VR. Hooked up to VR headsets, they discovered building sites on rooftops and airport tarmacs. The result? A 500% increase in applications and a prestigious award for best HR campaign of 2016.

Exellys took a different approach with a full 3D virtualization of a pinball machine. The feedback featured in the YouTube clip speaks for itself.

In conclusion, agencies and HR departments are already producing true works of art, stemming from a successful pairing of creativity and a technology in full swing. The trend is only promising to pick up from here, so stay tuned because there are exciting times ahead.

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