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In fact there was a scene which made me almost crying but no , I didn’t cry at last yet tears filled up my eyes a bit( I can’t deny that). Okay, frankly, I didn’t cry throughout the scene while questioning the humanity that should be existed in every people’s heart in the movie yet people somehow tend to neglect it when they face the extreme danger or catastrophe. When the baddest bad guy who was being abhorred by a lot of people after watching this movie , was being bitten and he told Su-An them that he was rushing home to see his mother. And that scene made all the emotions surged me. It made me understand that everyone has a lot of different characteristics and these qualities will show up especially when they are facing such danger. But after all, a big part of people in this world is selfish, undeniably. And that’s why, people who still adamant in helping others during the crisis are commendable. It’s a super nice movie anyway!

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