How to take on Life hurdles without losing yourself.

Knowing these action steps will always put you right ahead even when life sucks.

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Nobody, not even I, can promise you life won’t be cruel. It will sometimes get heated, so much that the scorching sun won’t be enough to describe it.

You will face difficulties, fight for survival, and struggle to keep living. All of these contribute to the heat you feel but i n the real sense, they are bound to happen.

But before you get too emotional about it, what if…?

What if life isn’t all that tensed? What if there are cooler spots you just haven’t…

Letting them see you for who you truly are is being FREE.

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Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who you love, but you find yourself hiding a part of you? Maybe that part of you that you keep hidden can rip off your relationship with them maybe because they just wouldn’t like what they’ll see?

Now are you wondering if it was the right decision or not?

Then you will want to read this!

I know what it means, and why you may see hiding as the best choice you’ve got. But one thing is bigger than…

40 and above isn’t too late, but you would wish you knew them earlier.

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Some little pieces of life’s puzzle need to fit if you must live your best life. Oftentimes, they are not even in your bucket list and while you may never count them as important, life will eventually prove you wrong as you grow.

My mom handed a few of them to me when I was below Eighteen (18) while life kept a few hidden away from me until I clocked Twenty-one (21).

Not minding your age, check out these lists and see if you are already…

Self-made millionaires know how important this is.

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Before you even start wondering how fast? You have to understand that nothing comes easy no matter how smart you are, you have to work for whatever you want.

But wealth would find you faster if you consciously and intentionally engage yourself in these core mindset tips.

But before then, let me start by telling you why having the right mindset is fundamental.


Mindset helps to make sure you have all you need for the walk.

You can keep up with your search hunt to find the right ways to make money…

You must be intentional about these, they’re so important!

Note: What more do you feel qualifies to get a space in this list? kindly state in the comment box so we can all learn.

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Among every other thing in your life that you may count as so important, if these three things aren’t included, that list won’t be complete and there is a reason for this.

Come to think of it, everyone has what they hold in high esteem in their lives which others may not necessarily count as germane for one reason or the other, but I bet you…

It is a short list but potent enough to help you heal faster.

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Everybody says it; Life sucks, but do you have to stay stuck in this life’s unfairness game or you want to recover from the heartaches and hurts it brings?

Read this if your answer is Yes!

Life is such a beautiful place for you to explore but it can get really awful when your emotions get back at you.

Likewise, every single day, there are more than five events that could throw you off the happiness scale.

I could just list a few while you can go…

Once you miss the last one, everything else becomes a wasted effort.

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I thought I should start with this popular belief…it remains ever true and has stood the test of time.

This is it…

“Every achievement in life is in stages. It’s like laying one brick on another which importantly must follow in successive steps.”

It means taking one successful step after another.

People often say; to get from where you are now to where you want to be starts with a conscious step. …


Life sucks but you have to stand up to it and make up for the loops therein by simply living your purpose — it’s what changes everything!

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Yeah, pretty much everyone keeps saying “Life sucks” when in the real sense they made life treat them that way, just because they forgot ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’

Years before now, I still used to do the normal things everyone else does — play around with words until I felt the urge to start focusing on making something big of…


One thing always run through my mind whenever I stumble on some blog posts that find their way into my “view field” either I bumped into them when surfing the internet looking for the next new thing I could write about or they come with my numerous emails trying to reach straight to me to take some actions.

How I wish it was Goosebumps I feel, but No, it isn’t and even if it was, then it is not well channeled 8 out of 10 don’t move me. …

If sobbing help soothes, I would have even cried more because the only thing that doesn’t feel like pain is realizing I didn’t have to buy the oxygen I breathe in too, maybe I would have gone missing on planet earth already.

Life is a bitch!

I have heard this said once or twice but I never knew why someone ever had to just exclaim that loud until few years ago when things got a little tensed. I just knew those words always come from people wearing sober faces and I didn’t see them grin about it, they either shake…


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