Twelve notes and the octave repeats

We play it again and over again, the music of our lives.

I like

the serendipity of things just happened for both Ally and Jack, a drunkard bumped into an underrated piece of art, in the most unlikely(?) place of all? Things of course escalated quickly.

But I wish

their love for the moment didn’t fizzle dramatically. There were 136 minutes too short for the agony of irreversible loss, the appreciation for talent and the tears which almost consumed the entire hall filled with human beings who entered the cinema, all ready to cry their hearts out, or tear on the shoulders of their partners. I could hear the sobbing of broken hearts literally after the end credit. It was strange to realise I wept at the exhilarating moment when Ally walked out of her own shadow, belting out Shallow with her overnight haven.

And I wonder

if others felt the pain when witnessing the Grammy scene, a seemingly great moment, and the fall was just too much to watch. Isn’t this what life is about? The higher we go, the greater pain suffered when we come crashing down.

After all, aside from calling for honesty and openness about alcoholic or drug addicts, the light of the movie is definitely shining on finding your own voice out there, especially when you sing your own songs.