Are you in high school? Are you a parent of a high schooler? Are you asian?If you answered yes to any of those questions, keep reading.

All of us stress about high school. We think, you know, “it’s only natural to worry about the 4 years that could make you or break you.”

Let’s take a step back though. After those 4 years, what would you have accomplished? A stellar GPA, a dozen shiny trophies, and an admissions letter to the school of your (parents’) dreams.

What about some of the other kids? Eh, maybe they didn’t get as high a GPA or nearly as many trophies, and maybe they won’t go to that school they (or their parents) wanted them to go to. Sure, they didn’t make it as high as you, but hey, they had fun. They used those 4 years to develop as individuals through not just academics, but through social exchanges, extracurriculars, etc.

See, too many kids these days in high school worry about getting A’s over learning the material. They worry about winning the tournament, not about enjoying the sport. They join 10 clubs, but participate in 1 or 2.

Why? Peer pressure, parental pressure, cultural norms, etc., are sometimes to blame, but really, it’s the mindsets that we choose to adopt. The 4 years you spend in high school, can be 4 years of stress and work, or they can be 4 years of fun, stress, and work. We all want to get into Harvard, but in the end, success is not determined by the school you go to. It’s determined by you; the student, the parent, the teacher, the school, the administrator, the admissions officer. All I say is, choose wisely.

Also, please feel free to share your story below and comment to add onto this article in any way you wish to do so. However, please keep in mind that each person is a person. Although it’s a cliche, please treat others as you would treat yourself, so that people can actually feel free to comment. Thank you.