23 years old

I’m 23 years old

In these 23 years I’ve invested my time, I’ve done it in various forms and measures in accordance of my processes.

I’ve invested it on learning to dance salsa and cumbias, learning about processes, about engineering, quality, to be entrepreneur, to narrate, how to flirt, how to think, to structure forms of verbal expressions, to influence on people, learning about philosophy, about the knowledge of my environment, to play baseball, volleyball, soccer, learning to plant, how to ride a bike, how to use the nunchaku, to play the various versions of FIFA, to know my body, to take care of it, to read, learning about maths, about flowcharts, to make people laugh, to make origami, about poetry, to be a fair person, to meditate, to laugh out loud, about development of conscience, to write, about the knowledge of my feelings, about myself, to discover who I am, what place I take on this universe and my own concept about spirituality.
These are things on what I have practice, a few really.

In 23 years I’ve invested my time, but I’ve wasted it too.

I’ve wasted it on learning to play the guitar, to cook, to design on Ps, to play Smash Bros, to flirt, to hurt people, to smoke, to depress myself, to have a shot with that girl in highschool, on giving my love to a garrobo, learning to be a good brother and son, to be a good person, to be a bad person, to drink alcohol on excess, to have cycles of remoteness of my being, to use people, to manipulate them and in the December.

Because December is cold and reminds me that I have never had a stable relationship on it. Honestly, I’m tired.

I’ve realised that in the nightfall and sunrise, since the last week it has started to make cold. December is close.

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