I watched the debate last night but a little more than half way through I had to switch to something else because I was between bored and disgusted. I would like to see Donald Trump win because I have been around for quite a while (I’m 77) and in that time I have watched the politicians become more professional, and the political speech become more like reading a lawyers brief. No one understands those! So I decided to go to google for some truth but couldn’t find any there either. One article said it was cool for journalists to hate Donald Trump and were given the OK to do it.

I watched Donald Trump’s show one year after that I could find nothing redeeming in it. I thought it was crude. When he first came onto the political scene I felt the same way but then it happened I said wait a minute, what I am hearing is different for the first time I heard words not lawyer talk. It didn’t sound monotone and rehearsed it sounded real and I could understand it. I started listening to the words and quit judging the man. I thought it took someone bombastic like this to expose all the wrongs of our system. Only someone with money and fame could accomplish this. There is an old saying that say’s “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. It’s the American people who keep shooting themselves in the foot by putting the same people into office that they complain about for 8 years, but instead of learning they just keep doing the same thing over and over. I’m not looking at the man i’m going to look at the opportunity to do something different. I wish we could all be kind to one another but for some reason we have not learned that yet and that is the reason I had to change the channel half way through the debate. If you have gotten this far thanks for listening to my rant, and please don’t tell me that a change could bring disaster because we have all said that is what we have now.


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