Why I’m a Christian (And Continue to Suck at Being One)
Benjamin Sledge

Thank God I finally realized that God doesn't care what religion we are. He doesn't even care if we go to church. The really big thing he doesn't care about is if we love him or worship him! The only thing God cares about is if we love one another, the very thing we don’t like to do. I have spent 40 years studying the Bible and after all that time I realized it is the best history book I have ever read. God breathed, not so much. Can we be inspired by the stories in there? Yes! Is it God’s gift to man? No! Somehow through the years this idea has caught on and we simply can’t shake it. The story Jesus told was that we should love one another but we only want to love him. We go out of our way trying to impress jesus and god and they keep trying to tell us it’s not about them but about how we treat each other. It took me a long time to figure this concept out but I finally arrived. Thanks for your article it gave me a chance to put my two cents worth in.

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