Asked & Answered: The President on Making Sure Americans Can Get Lifesaving Treatment
The Obama White House

Why do we need to throw more money at this problem. It’s always the congress that needs to be addressed. I don’t buy it. Why can’t this problem be addressed by going to the source. It’s not congress it’s the insurance company’s and it’s the bill that was passed that needs to be revised. All of a sudden this bill is not addressing all concerns so the answer is more money? Huh? It’s a flawed bill. We have computers that run figures quite well, we have adding machines, we supposedly have scholars that have went through Harvard we have physicists that know why an atom does what it does but the answer always is MORE MONEY! I think this is the wrong answer I’m not buying it. I was just informed that my social security check will be going up $2.50 next year they said about enough to buy a gallon of gas! What! What does my social security have to do with gas? I only drive to the store. Do you see what I mean? There is something really really wrong.

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