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Jan 8 · 2 min read

Dear YOOBTC users:
We have added new GNT / USDT, GNT / ETH trading pairs today.
GNT deposit is now open.
GNT withdrawals will open on 2020/1/10.

Golem is a decentralized computing computing power leasing platform built on the Ethereum platform. Through the Golem platform, any user can become a seller and renter of computing power. Whether users provide an idle home computer or several large data centers, they can be added to the Golem platform.
The Ethereum-based trading system is applied to the Golem platform to settle the profits of hash providers and the fees that users need to pay. Users can buy and sell hash power through this network, which means that users can buy On computers that require computing power, or sell your free computing power to the people who need it. Golem is composed of all nodes running Golem applications and runs in a completely point-to-point manner. It can be used to simulate the stock market, big data analysis, medical research, and even cryptocurrency mining. This will reconstruct the cloud mining business. The cloud mining industry has always been notorious for being a liar.
Golem will automatically match users’ computing power needs with suppliers, and it also provides a probabilistic micropayment method based on Ethereum to reward users who share their computing power resources. — — After users set the computing power tasks, Golem will automatically assign tasks to network nodes. Users can choose how much RAM, disk capacity and number of CPU cores they can provide. Computing tasks run on virtual machines to ensure that no damage is done to the node’s computer, regardless of computing tasks.
Golem’s original idea was to run like DAO, where users can get tokens during the ICO phase, and these tokens also have voting rights. But because the DAO was attacked, the Golem team decided to crowdfund through a normal ICO. The Golem Network Token (GNT) account was created during the crowdfunding phase. GNT is a core part of Golem and is used to ensure flexible control of project development. GNT tokens are generated during the crowdfunding phase, and then GNT will be an integral part of many functions of the Golem network.

Web: https://golem.network
Explorer: https://etherscan.io/token/Golem


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