Tokyo, Japan in a Week

December 30, 2016 — January 6, 2017. Raychel visited me for a week in my hometown Tokyo, Japan and I showed her around as much as possible in 7 days.

Day 1. After picking Raychel up from Tokyo International Airport, we headed to Shinjuku for dinner. First meal in Japan for Raychel was Japanese seafood and Genghis Khan at Hokkaidou. Also had a bit of shochu mixed with Hoppy ;)

Day 2. Went to Tsukiji fish market and showed Raychel what “crowded” means in Tokyo. Especially since it was new year’s eve, there were so many people that we could barely walk, but it was an experience.

Since we ate ramen right before as a lunch, we didn’t get sushi or seafood despite the fact that we were in a fish market, but we got a strawberry daihuku as a dessert. Mochi can never go wrong.

From Tsukiji, we walked over to Ginza, took a train to from Ginza station to Omotesando, and ended up in Tokyu Plaza in the end of Omotesando street. A little photoshoot as usual, up at the rooftop :)

Shibuya crossing, crowded as usual.

All-you-can-drink izakaya → turn up → new years eve countdown! haha

Day 3. Recovery day — bath after going out at 4AM and good Korean food in Shinokubo for dinner.

Day 4. One day trip out of Tokyo to Kanagawa. Blasting music on the way, catching a view of Mt. Fuji, getting stuck in traffic because of Hakone marathon…

Also ate the famous black egg (which is believed to make you live 7 years longer) and passed by Enoshima and Kamakura on the way to Yokohama, although we couldn’t stop by the huge Buddha because of traffic :(

Ending the day in Yokohama China town!

Day 5. Odaiba all day, because I happen to live in a tourist area. haha Venus Fort, Divercity, 台場1丁目, Daiba beach…

Also took a lot of purikura and spent good 2 hours in a game center. haha

Sushi dinner ❤ Authentic sushi >>> all the sushi that I ate in the states.

After dinner, we drove to Oedo-onsen monogatari to take Japanese bath and got massage :) Relaxing end of the day!

Day 6. 初詣 in Asakusa. Never seen this place this crowded… We both got 凶 but hopefully our lucks are recovered after visiting the temple. haha Also 2nd ramen in 一蘭.

Also, I went up to Tokyo Sky Tree for the first time. We watched the sunset from around 350m above the ground and also enjoyed the night view. Made me realize how big Tokyo is…!

Day 6. Back to Harajuku and Shibuya area. Going through Takeshita street this time, the most crowded street in Japan probably. Afterwards, we got dinner and turned up at Karaoke! haha

Full 7 days in Tokyo, Japan! Next up in Hawaii, hopefully ❤ Coming soon.

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