Inside the Snapchat Empire

Insightful piece on one of the most exciting companies today. How big is Snapchat? Some key stats (10.19.15):

  1. 12MM viewers tuned into the Snapchat VMAs Live Story (compared to 9.8MM on-air viewers)
  2. 86% of USA users are 13–34 year olds
  3. Most Live Stories garner 10–20MM viewes per day
  4. Cosmo channel gets 4MM viewers per day
  5. 21% of all BuzzFeed content views came from Snapchat in August 2015
  6. Coca-Cola increased their Snapchat video completion rate from under 3 seconds to 5.4 seconds (out of 10 seconds) by creating custom Snapchat ads rather than re-purposing TV ads

Fast Company piece here.