Mary Meeker: Internet Trends 2015

A must read for the curious mind. Key takeaways:

  1. 24% of time spent is on mobile yet only 8% of ad spend is mobile = ~$25B+ opportunity in the USA = mobile first ads/experiences (Pinterest, Facebook, Vessel, etc.)
  2. Re-imagining business processes, examples include: Slack (communication), Square (offline payment), Zenefits (human resources)
  3. Messaging Apps (WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Line, KakaoTalk, etc.) growing faster and bigger than social platforms and evolving to be Central Communication Hubs for every type of service
  4. Content is a combination of User-Generated Content, Curated, and Surprising. Leading examples include: Snapchat, Twitch, Wattpad, Soundcloud, Airbnb
  5. 12–24 year olds are the Trendsettters (mobile is key)
  6. Exploding “on-demand” economy aka “just in time” products (specifically in housing, transportation, and food)
  7. Drones re-imagining birds eye view and data collection for many industries
  8. Millennials expect flexibility and like technology at work = significant growth in freelancers
  9. Next Big Internet Markets: China (volume) and India (new user additions)
  10. Diverse teams/groups of people is good business

Full report here, enjoy.