Scoring 3’s “Silicon Curry” Style

Golden State Warriors fan or not, a good NYT read on how a franchise was reinvented. My favorite snippets below.

“In the Warriors, Lacob saw a start-up disguised as an underperforming business, a sports franchise that had been run autocratically — and therefore ineptly — as the industry evolved around it.”
“Lacob was not the first venture capitalist to buy a franchise, but he is the first to operate one according to what might be called Silicon Valley precepts: nimble management, open communication, integrating the wisdom of outside advisers and continuous re-evaluation of what companies do and how they do it.”
“I’ve played for nine different organizations,” Shaun Livingston, a Warriors guard, told me, “and I’ve never seen anything like that. This wasn’t even an assistant coach; it was a video coordinator. And Steve Kerr listened to him, and he did it (referring to Kerr listening and executing the suggestion to replace Bogut in the lineup with Andre Iguodala — who went on the become the NBA Finals MVP — to guard LeBron James). All the bridges are open here. There’s an open forum of ideas. A good idea really can come from anywhere. And that kind of thinking has to start at the top.”
“That $450 million investment is now worth around $2 billion.”

Not surprisingly, all puzzle pieces need to fit. Superstar athlete + strong support team + open minded organization that is not afraid to shake things up.

Silicon Valley’s newest venture…the NBA. Exiting times for sports.

The New York Times article here.

Fantastic infographic by USA Today pasted below and here.

Also, if you are a Steph Curry fan, link to a mixtape of his best on-court moments featured by Smashd labs here.

Image from USA Today