The New Rivalries: Tech, Culture, and Commerce

Fast Company put out an interesting list of the most unexpected business battles. List below with my thoughts in parenthesis (JY:).

  1. Apple vs. Xiaomi (JY: Apple’s luxury status is untouchable for now). Article here.
  2. Amazon vs. Instacart (JY: Amazon’s diversified business units will prevail and connect the overall vision). Article here.
  3. Snapchat vs. Twitter (JY: Snapchat’s rate of growth and willingness to innovate quickly has its eyes set on Facebook, WeChat, Line, TV…in addition to Twitter). Article here.
  4. Vice vs. CNN (JY: waiting for Vice to hit mainstream, are they too cool for school?). Article here.
  5. Europe vs. Silicon Valley (JY: SV). Article here.
  6. Google vs. Verizon (JY: interested to see how Verizon integrates the new acquisitions, but for now, count the Alphabet). Article here.
  7. DJI vs. GoPro (JY: drone regulations may have the greatest impact of all). Article here.
  8. Facebook vs. Microsoft (JY: Oculus will hit wider mass than Hololens + AI Messenger). Article here.
  9. Taco Bell vs. McDonald’s (JY: these two are going head-on right now…but who is the third player they should keep an eye on?). Article here.
  10. NFL vs. FIFA (JY: global appeal plus increasing US interest gives the gold to FIFA). Article here.

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