Getting Started

A hardcover yellow sketchbook, a drawing pencil, and creative thinking. All of these elements were involved in this week’s sprint. With the topic of vacationing, I was to have ten sketches of ten different ideas, and an additional 10 variations of one idea that I thought had the most potential of being a viable product.

Page 2 of my first 10 initial sketches
Variations of my collapsible suitcase idea.

With each sketch, I included brief statements or explanations to what the sketches was of or what functions a certain part had. Out of the twenty total sketches I had made, I had to choose a single sketch as the most promising potential product and include a more elaborate explanations on how and why earned the this specific title.

Final 3 sketches. The one on the right is the “most promising”.

“Ideator’s Block”

Everyone has heard of writer’s block, but with this sprint, I discovered the existence of ideator’s block after about the first five sketches were drawn. I thought the best way to get out of the block was to ask around and see what people thought was the most inconvenient or difficult part about going on vacation. Their responses stimulated my flow of ideas again. Because of this, my curiosity now lies in the bridge between research and ideation. I now want to explore how these two concepts influence and interact with each other.

My Potential Future?

This sprint was the most stimulating and intriguing as of yet. I have considered taking the career path of a product designer. I have done some sketching before, but incorporating the concept of sketching to making products is something I want to explore more in the future. Though I did experience a block, getting my ideas flowing again with feedback from what other people had to say was a stimulating experience and one that I would like to do again in a more professional setting in the future.

Making a Difference

There is always room for improvement. This applies to almost, if not every, product that is currently on the market. Innovation can never cease to exist and it will always be important because it is vital for making a difference in lives. Ideation can be effective towards innovating products that can improve the lives of the impoverished such as potentially solving the problem of providing an accessible personal filter for water.

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