Rekindling Motivation

Ever elusive motivation: necessary for success in life, but often waxing and waning through the seasons and years. Entrepreneurs that are looked up to the most in life have created their life around what motivates them; people like the late Steve Jobs, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Tony Robbins seem to possess an abundance of motivation steering them towards very specific missions (and achieving those missions is what made them famous). What makes motivation difficult is that one can’t just go out and purchase it somewhere, and sometimes people can’t even find the motivation when they’re looking for it, “where did I put that last?”

One way to find and hold onto motivation is to be intentional about the small sparks that pop up in every day life.

Sparks of motivation can come in many forms: small pieces of the past being recalled, dreams of what the future holds, or maybe an exciting new project. If some people can’t find their motivation, then I would say that it holds that sincere sparks can’t always be hunted and found through sheer will; they are obtained through careful observation of everyday life. Being intentional about noticing them is important, as it is very easy to simply dismiss a small spark of potential motivation if one isn’t looking for it. Proper care of a spark can lead to a full on motivational fire; this care is where a sense of intentionality is needed.

Motivation requires work to maintain and questioning oneself looking for honest answers is a great place to start: “Am I still doing what I originally set out to do?”; “What does my definition of success look like?”; “What happened that this flame of motivation was snuffed out?” Self-reflection in this way provides an dialogue about the past, present, and future which will steer one towards a more desirable path. Keeping the end in mind while following a source of motivation to work towards a goal is another way to keep that motivation intact; one of the quickest ways to lose motivation is to stagnate or stop forward progress. On a more positive flip-side, small victories accumulate over time to fuel motivation even further.

Be active in looking for the small sparks that pop up. They may take a while to appear but they will. Do something about the small sparks; fan them into flames through work, vision, and self-reflection. Be intentional about it and achieve your vision of success.

What has helped you find and sustain motivation over time?