7 Local Experiences you must try out in Jamaica

The experience of traveling becomes magical again. Now travelers can choose unique tours and plans in the Caribbean, organized by local people willing to show the beauties, cuisine, architecture, secrets and culture of their city. What better way to get to know Jamaica than with a local person who is passionate about your city?

Discover 7 Authentic Experiences that Can Not be Missed Once in Jamaica:

1. YS Falls Adventure

Photo of Nigel’s Experience on Yoplan

Are you looking for truly local experience not to be missed in Jamaica? Go to explore the YS Falls with a local! Like much of Jamaica, the falls are surrounded by lush gardens and magnificent trees. There is seven waterfalls and most of them cascade into natural pools.

2. The Uninhabited Island

Photo of Nigel’s Experience on Yoplan

Jamaica is the land of beautiful beaches. Take an daybreak in your trip to go with a local expert to explore one of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica, a tiny and uninhabited island, located 2 miles south of Port Royal. There you will eat a delicious local food and dive in the crystal blue Caribbean sea.

3. The Reggae Legend

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Once in Jamaica, you must visit the house where the Greatest of All time, Robert “Bob” Marley lived and recorded some of his greatest hits. With a local expert, you will learn about his life and work and see the rooms where the magic of Reggae was created.

4. The Blue Hole Expert

Photo of Nigel’s Experience on Yoplan

Are you dreaming about jump in a pure and fresh water? Go to have fun in The Blue Hole with a local expert! Once there, to get in the crazy ice blue pool you can grab onto the rope, swing and splash down into the water, jump or just climb down the rocks. This is a true paradise that can not be missed!

5. Discover Dunn’s River Falls

Photo of Nigel’s Experience on Yoplan

If you are passionate about adventure, a local expert is waiting for you to climb one of the most magnificent natural waterfall of Jamaica. Together, you’ll explore the beauty of this wondrous place and then, visit local market.

6. Go River Rafting with a Local

Photo of Courtney’s Experience on Yoplan

In this experience you just need to relax on your personal bamboo river raft rafting thru green lush forest, enjoying the beauty of scenery and dipping into fresh cool water for a swim. How fun?

7. Treasures of Port Royal

Photo of Nigel’s Experience on Yoplan

Do you wanna discover the the wickedest city in the world? With a local expert, you can discover the treasures of Port Royal, once called ‘the wickedest city in the world’, home to pirates led by Captain Henry Morgan. The city became a byword for excess, with one tavern for every 10 residents.