UX Case Study: Drogueria Del Sud

Product Redesign

Drogueria del Sud is the main distribution & logistics clinical supply chain in Argentina. They needed to update their transactional web site to create a better experience for their users since 98% of the transactions happens in that platform.



The task

My role



The first release of the product is set to launch globally in December 2019.

1. Emphatize

Owner Persona Card
Owner Persona Card

We explore how the end users, business officers and the different Administrative areas in the company use the platform. We interview 10 people age 25–45, Male/Female.

2. Define

Products SKU’s, SKU’s search results, Order flow, Products returns flow, no stock of products, current account balance, notifications (new products, shipping tracking, approved orders). Prioritazing pain points:

3. Ideate

We hoped to build a platform that was easy to use, secure, and fast because we wanted pharmacies to focus on their costumers instead of the stock.

Ordering the content in the platform adressing the pain points mentioned above.

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