Lebron James — Cleveland Cavaliers

Pick your poison, Team or Star?

Yeah yeah yeah, it takes a team to win a championship, one person can not do it. That’s understood. But What every star really needs is a dedicated wingman. A standup guy that loves playing second fiddle. Who relishes his position as the Watson to to the his Holmes. The Cavaliers got hit by multiple “staffing” problems as it relates to injuries. So the sad reality is….why is the Cavaliers bench so shallow. Now that the honeymoon is over for Lebron and Cleveland the hard questions need to be asked. Just how much more money is that organization willing to pay to have an appropriate wingman with Lebron for next season. We have created a mold for superstars as a society where team is important but we all worship the singular hero. The Knight in shining armor who vanquishes the enemy all on his own. We are a bit hypocritical in this stance. We believe in teamwork and all but what we really want is just one face on the Wheaties box. Just watch what happens with Steph Curry. As much as we talk about team he of course will be the only star. Just as Lebron….was.