I am grieving for the loss of my younger brother, and am asking what if and why not?

I am writing this as therapy for the loss of my brother Tommy who passed away recently from Covid. He was only 50 years old and was 7 years younger than me. He was the little brother I always wanted. I vaguely remember our childhood together but have fond memories. He was tough blonde haired blue eyed boy. He was very good on the football field and very popular. He went on to graduate from college and had very good sales job where he prospered. He went on to get married and. have two children that he adored. He had his children in all kinds of activities and was the coach for many of the sports. He and his wife and her mother and the two children a boy and a girl had a fairytale life. Until Covid met his family.

Tommy had some health issues that he had prescriptions for and was not always diligently taking the meds. He also did not get vaccinated for Covid or any other members in his family. My mother and sister pleaded with him to get vaccinated but he would not because he was afraid of the side affects. Tommy was a muscular strong looking man and you would never think Covid could defeat him.

On August 02 Tommy had come back and was feeling sick sore throat cough usual symptoms. He went to urgent care and was told he had tested positive for Covid and to go to the hospital. The hospital checked him out for pneumonia and was cleared and sent home with medication for flu symptoms. He was told if he got worse to come back to the hospital. The hospital new he had many health issues and was high risk but sent him home.

The days that followed were like a nightmare for Tommy he suffered fever, coughs, sir throat and worse of all explosive diarrhea. His wife got sick, her mother, and two children all had Covid now. Nobody could help them the whole family was sick. Finally on August 09 Tommy was having problems breathing went to a different hospital and was put on oxygen. We were hopeful he would get the proper medical treatment. We were texting Tommy everyday he could not talk. His children were sick and so sad not having their father with them. Then on 08/14/21 he had a cardiac arrest and passed away after multiple attempts to revive him. His children watched him die on a zoom call while he was being kept alive on the ventilator. His children and wife and my mother were all so grief stricken. I had just lost my younger brother and I could not believe it. I was supposed to die before him. The mother in law a few days later was taken to the hospital and is in ICU as I write this sad story.

A week later his wife and children recovered and had a beautiful church funeral. Had probably over 200 family and friends come to the viewing and the service. The family now has to continue to live this tough life and cope best we can. Tommy no longer feels pain from his illnesses or from Covid but the family has to now learn to adjust to not having a brother, son, husband, and father.

Now I ask if Tommy had been vaccinated would he have been alive today. If the hospital had offered Tommy the antibody cocktail that has helped many high risk Covid patients recover would he be alive today? Finally I know my brother should have been vaccinated but I still am asking why the hospital and doctors did not mention the antibody cocktail especially when I find out the same day he passes that it is being under prescribed. The governor in Florida began setting up free infusion centers because some hospitals were not offering the free therapy that has been around for over 6 months.

I will never no the answers to If or Why but I miss my brother. Please get vaccinated so you do not have to endure this preventable tragedy!



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