We’re working together to make studios and experiencing them accessible to everyone!

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At Studiotime, we’ve quickly become the largest online community of music studios in the world. What we’re most proud about though is the way we are helping every individual that’s part of each studio. This is every studio owner, producer, engineer, artist, vocalist, song writer, and every other creative that we’ve helped bring together through the one space that is sacred to the music community regardless of age, demographic, skill level, or even genre - the music studio.

For everyone that has had the chance to experience being…

Studiotime started as a very simple idea I had one evening, which is now the largest online marketplace for music studios in the world!

An example of one of the 1,200+ studios part of Studiotime.

The idea for Studiotime came to me one evening and I immediately started searching Product Hunt and the “Airbnb for x” collection, thinking that I would find that this idea had already been built. Much to my surprise though, I could not find anything similar and that is the moment when I committed to building Studiotime. Sometimes you have an idea that you know has to be built or someone else will. …

Mike Williams

Started Thinkbox, Studiotime, and some other marketplace startups before. Obsessed with marketplaces and sharing at everythingmarketplaces.com

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