Uber Will Win Music

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Uber Technologies, Inc. These thoughts, product ideas, and visuals are all concepts that I am sharing.

Users, Users, Users

Uber has reached a sense of scale that is a massive. Millions of people use the platform in order to reach their travel destination each day. Each of these riders will remain in the car for minutes (at a minimum), often asking what is playing on the radio, or consuming some form of content to pass transit time.

Why Music?

  1. Every individual has a unique relationship with music.
  2. Music evokes emotions, passion, memories, and also inspires people.
  3. People typically listen to music while in transit to a destination.
  4. Providing a music experience in an Uber will create a unique and unparalleled experience that will further enhance the platforms value to each individual.

Early Validation

The recent pilot integration with Spotify and Uber appears to have validated based on metrics alone!

Going Further- Introducing The Uber Music Experience

Let’s take a look at what the Uber Music Experience could look like without the constraints of only using Spotify and instead designing for the end user in mind.

1. Get started by authenticating your streaming service

Easily authenticate your streaming service provider of choice and get started.

2. Select your listing preferences

Let your driver curate music from their playlist, listen to your own music, or discover trending music based on your location and preferences.

3. Listen to your driver’s music and then switch to your own

Don’t like what your driver is playing? You can thumbs down the current song to skip, or simply change to your own music. You can also “like” their song , which will automatically add it to your selected playlist.

4. Check out what is trending around you on Uber’s curated music.

Discover what is trending around you. “Liking” a song will add it to your playlist and you can also view more information about each artist in-app.

5. Discover more about local artists

Did you discover a song you like? Find it on the trending playlist, or discover more about the artist.

The Result

The Uber Music Experience explored above enhances the current platform and provides for an enjoyable and now entertaining (at each rider’s discretion) experience. It will also be set apart from other music providers due to it’s scale, potential user retention, and also geo-specific user data. This could result in a vertical integration that would provide for a fully immersive Uber experience and monetization (did I hear video coming soon?!).

What Does This Mean For The Music Industry?

Digital music distribution is experiencing some pushback and negative press from artists that fail to recognize the significance (yes, this is still the case sometimes) of digital music distribution and it’s artist revenue streams (or lack of). Uber also has an existing transaction from it’s transportation component, so this allows for the music experience to increase user enjoyment, usage, and also evangelism with rewarding artists with a higher revenue share as opposed to existing streaming providers that face unit economic constraints. In short, the Uber Music Experience could be a game changer for music distribution!

What are your thoughts on Uber and their potential entry into music and content? Let me know via Twitter!

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