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Do Our Movements Also Move the Entire Universe?

Sages, yogis, prophets, mystics, or highly evolved, spiritual beings have long since referred to the universe as something existing within you. It is only recently, thanks to modern physics, that we are beginning to see clues to this with our own eyes.

We still have much, much further to go, and what we have seen so far, on the atomic levels within our reach, are hints — shadows of other dimensions and energies within dynamic fields interchanging information at the cellular, atomic and Planck field levels.

We may not see all of it, but we feel them. We experience them at the atomic, subatomic or quantum levels of being.

At first glance, from the physical perspective of our dualistic nature, we can see life moving, revolving like planets within our bodies and it’s easy to buy into the illusion that these particles are separate from us — acting as agents or soldiers in an army for the greater cause: Our minds and bodies.

These subatomic agents, like specks taken from grains of sands, compared to the colossal structure without — our physical bodies — somehow can move us above, or out here in the so-called real, physical world of perceived actions.

Deep below our external shell, these tiny, infinitesimal strings, when they vibrate, create a song so powerful that they move the entire universe, which is us, above.

This begs the question:

Does the source or power to strum these strings initiate by our will?

Could be.

Or, maybe, it’s more akin to a wind instrument, and the notes come alive by the breath of some unknown source which powers us all.

It would mean that the instrument, the infinitesimal structure lying at the horizon between it, which is us, and the source, merely calls forth for the power to move through us.

Then again, perhaps our conscious minds behave like a conductor, directing what kind of notes to play — creating the music, the stories of our life.

What is remarkable is that we have this relationship with objects that we have never seen like atoms, quarks and so forth. Even though we cannot see them, we understand that they are there — living, moving, vibrating, deep within us.

We know that they move us because we move with them.

This is our nature. It is the nature of all life that we know of — systems within systems — infinite dynamics of an interchange.

Photo by Michael Liao on Unsplash

If we know this is happening right now, within us, why should it end with our bodies? Why should the subatomic vibrations that move the physical universe above, which is us, stop there?

In other words, compared to the vast physical universe without, above, and all around us, out there, outside all of us, are our movements also moving the entire universe?

Why should this awareness stop with just us? If we are exchanging information within ourselves, isn’t it true that we are, in turn, exchanging information without?

And, if this must be so, wouldn’t it be true that we would be receiving information from without, just like we extend our will, our conscious minds to our subatomic levels?

There is a feedback loop of awareness that does not end with us. Outside of us, absent of the illusion of this shell, there is no barrier. There is no empty space. We are connected within and without.

Note: I wrote this one year ago as part of the self-guided study portion for my CMMI from the McLean Meditation Institute® in Sedona, Arizona. Since then, I have spoken at dozens of local meditation workshops, coached individual clients and taught meditation online to hundreds of students in over 40 countries.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this brief, philosophical journey.

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