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Lucy in the Sky With Dimensions

Dimension is a flexible word, just like God, the soul, or states of holiness.

Within the realms of consciousness, dimensions are what emerged out of listening to George Harrison’s Within You Without You on the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album over and over again.

In the West, dimensions evolved out of the introduction and practice of meditation, ancient Eastern philosophies, mantras transferred by gurus, mystics, hippies, counter-culture peaceniks, and the desire of the Psychedelic Era to alter our current dimension to create an entirely new human state of mind.

The ideas or expectations of what dimensions are can be quite extreme compared to what we are accustomed to experience and perceive as reality. Most notably, our physical location in the universe right now.

For the wise man looks into space and he knows there are no limited dimensions. — Lao Tzu

And, where exactly are we, physically speaking?

The Fourth Dimension, most commonly know as time.

We can pinpoint where we are in space and know exactly when we were at that location. While we can lock in our coordinates right now, we can also calculate where we were in space-time five minutes ago and look ahead into the future to approximate when and where we’ll be.

This is an entirely natural state of being to us.

For most of us, time might not seem strange unless you realize that without it, the Third Dimension wouldn’t even exist. It would just be this hyper-realistic Two Dimensional image which filled out from a singular, One Dimensional point; and, if you go all the way back, I mean way, way back to the Big Bang, you can imagine it as blossoming like a pop-up book page.

All life, or it (such an underwhelming way to name it) was dynamic, full of energy and it thrived with miraculous patterns which we, conscious beings, began to observe, and we measured them, created calendars, clocks, and called it time.

  • Without movement, there would be no life.
  • Without life, there would be no movement.
  • Without movement, we wouldn’t experience time.

Everything, assuming some creator drew a picture — a really, really big picture — and just left it like that, would be frozen if it didn’t move.

no movement = no life.

While we know of the Fourth Dimension, we cannot, apparently, truly comprehend a Fourth Dimensional object if it entered into our Three Dimensional world. That’s because it can only be represented in our Three Dimensional universe upon a Two Dimensional platform, like a paper or a computer screen, within our One Dimensional brains.

Remember, what we see is just a reflection or reconstruction of what is out there by your brain and “viewed” inside the darkness of your skull.

Things get weirder.

Quantum physics says that the next 5- 10 Dimensions are the exploration of all of these dimensional possibilities and all of the permutations of the choices we make.

As we enter higher dimensions, everything changes like the speed of light and the Law of Gravity. At the highest dimensional levels or states, you would have multiple universes.

Dimensions 5–10 are considered possible, or imaginable to us, with what we can conceive regarding dimensions.

Mathematically, we are capable of going into these dimensions, but in our place within the Third Dimension, physically speaking, it seems quite impossible.

Do these extra dimensions exist?

Or, are we just designed or hard-wired to want to believe that they are real?

Maybe, it’s both.

Maybe, it’s another combination; that is, we are hard-wired in a such a way to measure or think about extra dimensions because they do exist.

Then again, as a Three-Dimensional being, it’s way more simple to meditate upon George Harrison’s eloquent summation:

When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find peace of mind is waiting there.
And the time will come when you see we’re all one.
And life flows on within you and without you.