Case Study UI/UX Design: How to Manage E-Wallet Budgeting Interactively with Personal Assistant

Yoseph Duna
Dec 1, 2019 · 5 min read


I lived in a country where promos offered by e-wallet businesses are incessant. Of course the citizens are very benefited by the promotion provided. Every time we buy goods, now we only need to pay half of the original price. Crazy right?

Day after day I passed along with attractive promos that are always there. But one day I realized that people’s lifestyles are now increasingly consumptive as a result of this phenomenon. Indeed, the promos offered make us save more our money, but our expenses continue to be a lot because we can not control our increasingly consumptive nature.

I have tried various methods to reduce the consumption culture, but not everything has gone smoothly. I suppose if the smartphone that I have can help me to manage my expenses. And this is where this case study begins.


Consumptive traits are behaviors that must be avoided. Starting to manage finances is a step for a frugal and minimalist life. But the reality is managing finances and expenses is not that easy. Many obstacles and challenges that often arise.


I polled and gave questionnaires to the followers on my Instagram to find out if this problem was also experienced by them and tried to look for problems and solutions. Below is some questions from the research I did:

1. Have you ever felt that your expenses were even more and more wasteful with the e-wallet promo that is now being intensively?

2. If so, how do you think to reduce expenses from your e-wallet?

3. If there is a solution that you are thinking about, have you successfully implemented it.


And here is some of their answers:

Answers from 1st person

The first person said that she succeeded by refraining from consumptive life. She has no problems because she has good self-management.

Answers from 2nd person

The second person said that she has a limit on the amount of expenditure per day, but sometimes she fails to implement it.

Answers from 3rd person

The third person is also the same as the second person. She has a target but there are times when she fails to implement it.


Through the survey that I did, almost everyone realized that their lifestyles were increasingly wasteful. They already have the intention and solution for it, but there are still many of them who fail to apply it in their daily lives.


1. Can reduce expenses

2. Can organize all expenses from each e-wallet account

3. There is a reminder for them to live simply


Creating an application that includes a personal assistant that helps users to organize expenses from their e-wallet and helps users by giving warnings and solutions interactively.


1. User signs up into the application

2. User chooses their personal assistant

3. User synchromize their e-wallet accounts

4. User make adjustments to the amount of their expenses

5. User set for other settings (assistant, display, notification, etc.)

6. User meets their personal assistant in the main menu

7. The assistant will provide information and data regarding user’s expenses and finances


I made a rough sketch of the UI of this application.

A rough sketch


These are some of the views of this application, I named it Shelly. I made it divided into 3 main parts, namely the Log in menu, settings, and the main menu.

Log in menu

Here users can create a profile of themselves, choose who will be their personal assistant, synchronize their e-wallet accounts, and finally determine their monthly limit amount.


Settings menu

Users can make several settings and modifications. Even users can adjust how tight and aggressive their assistants will be.


This is the initial display when the user has completed their registration and initial setup. Users will meet with their personal assistants who provide reports, advice, and warnings to users. When the transaction made by the user almost reaches the specified maximum limit, the application will turn red and the assistant will be upset, even angry.


So this is a case study about how to manage e-wallet budgeting interactively with personal assistant. I took some icons and pictures from freepik website, my special thanks for the author. Also thanks to all readers who took their time to read my first case study UI/UX Design.

I’m not a designer and don’t come from this field, but I’m very interested in learning it. Please do not hesitate to leave feedback and discuss with me, as a wise man said:

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

— Benjamin Franklin

Yoseph Duna

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Someone who has a strong determination and willing to always learn new things

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