Boost Mobile Conversions Without Asking Your Customers to Do Anything

Have you ever been even more excited to try a new restaurant because you see it’s busy and popular? Have you ever bought a shirt after seeing someone wearing it on Instagram? Have you ever purchased a product after a recommendation from somebody else?

That’s called “Social Proof” and is what psychologists call a “decision heuristic” — a shortcut for making decisions. Social proof is a very powerful psychological concept that many companies leverage in their marketing. It’s the positive influence created when someone finds out that others are doing something. It’s also known as informational social influence and “the bandwagon effect”.

It doesn’t matter which corner of the globe you look at, people are looking for the same thing — social acceptance. We have a desire to fit in with the rest of the crowd which affects our lives in a variety of ways, including our purchasing behaviour.

In the age of mobile apps, social proof is the new marketing. If you have a great app, features and offerings waiting to be discovered, social proof is the best way for new users to learn why your product is great, and to remind existing users why they made a smart choice.

Adding Social Proof To Your Mobile App

proofSource is a quick and easy way to add social proof to your mobile app. It leverages the power of social proof to boost your app reputation, credibility, conversions and sales by highlighting recent orders, product reviews, and a variety of other customer behaviours in your app.

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