Boldly Mapping the Israeli AI Ecosystem

The Israeli AI ecosystem is booming and it’s time that the world takes notice of all the amazing things that are going on here in Israel.

We, at MissingLink.AI, have taken upon ourselves the challenge of creating a free database of all AI activity in Israel and share it with anyone who is interested: job seekers, investors, potential customers, and research companies.

Why are we doing this?

As an AI tool company, we aim to know each and every company in market. We’re highly impressed with what we have found out so far, and we believe greater visibility of the Israeli AI ecosystem can lead to more investments, more cooperation, and more interest in the technology we are developing.

Our plan is to build a database of all the AI goings-on in Israel — startups, sectors, tools, backers, etc. An important goal of our work would be highlighting financial backers in the AI space, so you could know who to approach as you reach your next funding milestone.

How do I make sure my company is well represented in the database?

Below is a link to a very brief survey, and we would greatly appreciate it if you could take 3 minutes out of your day to fill it out.

What would you do with the information?

The information we collect will be compiled and aggregated to create a full summary report, which will be featured at the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, Sept 3–7, 2017. A shorter version of this, with an infographic, will be shared with global and local tech press this summer. The report will be available for free to anyone interested in AI in Israel; founders, investors, job seekers etc.

Thank you for your participation, and you will hear from us soon.


Yosi Taguri, and the MissingLink.AI team.

MissingLink.AI is backed by Samsung Next.

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