Weekly Dose of Inspiration — Aug 9, 2021

Senior leaders in health agree that the future of the industry will be centered around customers and customer experience. As customers become more activated and empowered about their health care, and as nontraditional organizations or new entrants continue to offer customer-friendly health and wellness services, organizations are realizing that if they don’t evolve with customers, they may risk losing market share.

The great acceleration in healthcare: Six trends to heed

Reinventing business models and building new sources of revenue has never been more important for the healthcare industry — especially as it seeks to improve lives and livelihoods. The following article posits that a combination of rapid development in the areas of technology and medical science are ushering in next-gen managed care, integration of care around the patient, consolidation of care delivery institutions, and technology-enabled healthcare services businesses.

Connecting patients to the services they need

According to a research study conducted with 12,000 patients, 80% of those surveyed rated the services they used as valuable or extremely valuable, but few seem to be aware of them. Despite increased pharma investment, there’s been little to no increase in awareness and utilization in spite of the interest and willingness of patients to accept these patient support services. In the following report, six areas of opportunity are identified to help pharma raise awareness and increase engagement.

Top health industry issues of 2021

Healthcare winners today will need to profitably merge virtual/in-person care and weave in the digital tools that improve consumer and clinician relationships while enabling pharmaceutical companies to find their new footing in the blended virtual-physical visit and clinical trials. They will need to strike partnerships that strengthen their portfolios and rebuild their supply chains. The result is likely to lead to more reflective research, resilient operations, next-generation care delivery, and most importantly, better health for all.

How Pharma Can Navigate the Shifting Sands of Oncology Treatments

No field of medicine receives more attention or resources than Oncology. It should come as little surprise then that progress in diagnosing and treating cancers has been substantial, which of course is great news for patients who are now living longer and better. But there is an inadvertent business impact for the biopharma companies that are leading R&D into new treatments. With all the advances in knowledge, disease understanding, technology and data comes greater fragmentation of patient cohorts and more complex treatment protocols.



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