I have come to love Raspberry Pis. They are powerful little machines with lots of potential.

I have recently bought a bunch of them to run k3s cluster. Follow my journey here and on twitter.

Recently, I bought a bunch of Raspberry Pi 4s to use it as a k3s cluster. To keep them cool, I bought them Fan SHIM.

Watch my video below about installing Fan SHIMs.

I recently shopped a bunch of cheap micro SD Silicon Power Elite 32GB cards. I need them for my Raspberry Pi 4 Kubernetes cluster. I was worried about their speed. So, I benchmarked them alongside my current (micro) SD cards and I was amazed by the performance of these cheap-a** cards.

Benchmarked cards from left to right according to their write-speed in MB/s.

The cards that I recently bought is the green-ish one on the far right. The price was €7,84 including taxes (BTW in NL) as of 30 December 2020. Here are the results:

In my previous blog I wrote about some common challenges that new software engineers might face. Also, I promised to provide advice and tips on these challenges. This blog is about the latter.

Whether you have a software engineering or related background, or you have switched from a whole different ‘sport’ (as Dutch says), growing is essential. And by growing I mean feeding your brain and mind with software engineering. And the best way to feed yourself with software engineering is to surround yourself with it. Spend time with it.

I also assume that you are motivated, inspired and have…

October 2018, during my goodbye from the Rail Unit of CGI, we (my new born son, my wife and I) got some lovely presents.

I worked for more than 7 years at the Rail unit of CGI. I joined as a junior software engineer. Along the way, I became medior and senior, and then I worked my way up to becoming one of the key lead engineers. Long story short, I grew there. I learned, I taught and I helped the customer. But most important of all I built a web of amazing immortal relationships around me.

And that is exactly why I encourage you to work at the Rail Unit of CGI. Because as someone who has worked there, I want you (the…

© 2018 Yosuf Haydary. London Eye.

Let’s say that you have started to code in Java. You have written your very own program along side its unit tests. The chances are that you have even written a more complex application which does fancy stuff. Let’s call it your “fancy application”. And now you want to use Maven in your project for some vague reasons, but you are not completely sure why.

To understand how Maven can help you in your day-to-day Java programming life, I will write down a few challenges in the form scenarios and then use these challenges to describe how Maven can help…

© 2017 Yosuf Haydary. The city of Leiden, The Netherlands

In my rather short career as a software engineer I have met many new colleagues who have taken the brave and successful step to switch to software engineering. Although, each and every one of them learn in their own way and speed, they share some common challenges.
In this article I try to express my understanding of the matter (and give practical tips in later posts) with the aim to welcome and help our new colleagues in the amazing field of software engineering. So here we go.

Software growth

Along with other things in life, software has become one of those essential…

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