@corgi.cam at AWS:reInvent as AlexaPet CEO

Ina Yosun Chang
Mar 8, 2018 · 1 min read

December 2017

We were invited to showcase our AlexaPet platform featuring our augmented reality pet app Tiny Fox for Amazon Echo at AWS:reInvent. This was a Devpost collaboration that won an Alexa prize. The underlying technology we built that made this possible was a serverside bridge between any mobile app and the Alexa skill API. Add in AR to make it pop!

Being a corporate conference, a corporate presence was probably expected of us. So, we went with business cards. And, a corgi puppy CEO!

For a fledging SAAS company whose CTO is both strategic and draconian, the perfect CEO would be one who can bring customers in. Ideally, one who’s great at greeting customers and even kissing them. Enter: @corgi.cam

Corgi puppies are hard to find; a corgi puppy who is cute, playful, curtsying, will-rollover-for-a-belly-rub, and kiss you if you kneel down for her — even more rare.

So, it was a total hit: people came from far and wide to see our app and shake hands with the yes-it’s-true corgi puppy CEO at AWS:reInvent. Awesome! :)

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