faced.io — Demo Summary March 2018

Ina Yosun Chang
Mar 25, 2018 · 1 min read

faced.io makes AR creator tools for everyone! Please email yosun@areality3d.com for Testflights of the latest of everything below.

HoloView Simulator lets you first-hand witness HMD field of view issues on a tablet (or any other screen). HoloLens shown in demo, but also available for any HMD (including theoretical ones) — Oculus, Vive, Magic Leap, etc.

HoloLens FOV limitations as seen on an AR marker on an iPad

FaceShop.io lets you create interactive face filters in a Photoshop-inspired interface, complete with layers, 2.5D space, layer blends and more! It’s also available as a Unity plugin.

Face Mask Designer UV Editor lets you modify UV points on your face mask to make any image a wearable mask (based on Dlib 68 landmark point tracking).

Live demo faceshop.io and Face Mask Designer (2017 OpenCV edition)
FaceShop.io as a Unity plugin with MoodMe face SDK

YouAnchor — Be your own Avatar Anchor! Puppeteer your avatar in a 3D world and apply all kinds of filters. A WRLD3D Challenge winner. Grab it on the App Store here.

FaceScanPhoto — turns your iPhone X face scan into a new kind of photo memento

HeadText — put text on your iPhone X face mesh

faced.io iPhone X tools for Unity — BlendShapeRecorder and MeshRecorder lets you record blend shapes and mesh animations for testing in Unity

SnapShop and SnapGlass.es — “AR Shopify”

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