Variations on a Glass Menagerie Interactive

Ina Yosun Chang
Jan 16, 2016 · 2 min read

I’m giving a micro-talk + demo at SF Creative Coders featuring three similarly-themed projects I created/built/made, each a different mixed reality showcase on the theme of a glass menagerie.

[[I emphasize on created/built/made because for experimental projects like this, I’m a one-person team — from concept, to creation frenzy (cross-stack: from OpenCV/C custom tracking to Unity [since 2009] to LAMP backend to Photoshop/3ds Max/etc), to trying to be a producer, feigning a stab at capitalism for my quirky passion projects.]]

About me: I’m a independent developer who is a creative technologist at heart, more often contract-hired for software engineering (particularly in skunkworks of the coolest apps for emerging hardware) for 3D AR VR next-gen-UX things, from Intel RealSense (formerly Perceptual Computing) to HP Sprout to Oculus, to tons of stuff in-between. (More stuff — see twitter, or old hacks blog, or ChallengePost or HackerLeague)

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