Facebook’s Three Rules for Designing on a Global Scale

Margaret Gould Stewart, Facebook’s director of product design, shared what it means to design for 2 billion users. **A Sketchy Summary**

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It took me two strikes

But I feel I got it best in the third one. Maybe it was the placebo effect after reading the benefits of sketching meanwhile listening to a lecture, meeting or talk.

I felt quite immersed and found myself a bit frustrated of being so slow —not all my visual ideas were as compelling as I would’ve wanted. And the TED talk kept going up. It was a bit hard to keep up.

The second time

I had the structure of the talk in my head. It was a lot easier and my sketches got bette (conceptually). I had the most fun this time. I could see how different it felt to taking normal notes. Thirteen minutes is quite long for a YouTube video, however I felt it went by fast.

The final time

I mostly tried to make my drawing a bit clearer for other people, without loosing to much time —I still have quite a lot of pre-work ahead and time is running out. Tic-toc-tic-toc.

I hope the end result is not a total disaster.

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