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Technology Development Progress

1. Rocksdb is added to storage node database, which can improve the speed of data fsync on storage node;

2. Conduct spot check on unit modules independently decoupled, so that reduce resource occupation and consumption of SN;

3. Transport layer adds support for http protocol. Supported by http protocol, services have been split into download, upload, spot check, reconstruction and others to reduce SN load, thus improving reliability and scalability;

4. Increase query file list cache. …

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1. Spot-check and rebuild split plan design; optimize client-side ls file list plan;

2. Upon upgrading R&D network sn to, dn uses different versions: dn1.0.5c, dn1.0.4a, dn1.0.3b; yts3 uses yts3, yts3, yts3 for pressure testing. Upon upgrading main network sn, system resolved the problem that fragment has been uploaded in pressure testing log, which does not reproduce after upgrading;

3. Rewrite client code with golang: complete development and debugging of file compression block and file decompression and merging;

4. Release s3 to solve the situation where there are multiple connections from client to target address;

5. Use the recently packaged storage server program to execute test cases in docker…

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  1. Solved the problems met by YB browser users and restored node data with blockchain browser successfully;
  2. Many new functions were submitted through R & D network test SN, including optimizing heavy consumption on mongo resource and 8082 port control access IP and running regular use cases;
  3. Checked some problems like indexdb download timeout and storage server traffic reporting, docker environment simulation fragment upload error and repair;
  4. Basically completed data consistency repair coding; modified and debugged data consistency until test results basically meet expectations;
  5. Debugged code functions modified through test process recently (mainly including single-client multi-user functions and SN-end compatible code);
  6. Tested the latest version of SN on R&D network; manually triggered periodic cost calculation of master node; sent a review report and sharding verification of R&D network…

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