GAMEPLAY RECAP II — Why will only cities have resources?

Mar 18, 2018 · 2 min read

In our last post we introduced resources as city exclusive. Every city will have the opportunity to discover 4 distinguished resources. The owner will be able to send them to a rocket fund of his choice. You will be able to freely choose a rocket fund - however, the rocket owner will determine the price.

People seemed to be uneasy with our decision to give resources to cities only. But the reason why we did this is to give collectors the chance to upgrade their cities, and this will bring movement to the meta as every city will be a much more powerful card after the update. There will be an even bigger incentive to collect cities, to gain more resources and either amass more YCC or gain the ultimate reward, by sending your rocket to the moon!

The upcoming updates (after our Resources & Rockets update) will have a massive focus on higher hierarchy cards and our other brands! So stay tuned!

Every city owner will have a huge advantage and thus we believe the meta will evolve by a big margin. All owners of collectible cards, which are higher in the hierarchy will of course be very fortunate, since they enjoy the rising power of cities the most 😊

We sincerely believe this will encourage our community to change cards even more. So, spread the word and tell your friends and fellow players about our new content. The more we are, the more fun it will be!

have a look in our upcoming Gameplay Recap Part 3! Coming Soon!


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