GAMEPLAY RECAP IV — Rocket funds

To send your rocket to the moon, you will need to gather resources in a fund. As the owner of the fund/rocket you will be able to determine the price you are willing to pay for each resource. After that - every player, who is willing to pay your price can transfer YCC to your fund, until you have no YCC left in it.

If you want a lot of oil, you will transfer for example 1000 YCC into your rocket fund for oil. You set the price for each fragment of oil to for example 10 YCC. Each time a player sells a piece of oil to you know, it will be subtracted from your oil rocket fund, until it reaches 0 or you restock it with YCC.

The amount of resources in your rocket will greatly influence your travel time to the moon. Take a good look at the Flight Time, because after you started your rocket you won’t be able to influence the travel time if you continiue to push more resources into it! Rockets will be able to be flipped at any time though.

We are almost ready to launch! Stay tuned for the final part of our Gameplay recap!
Coming out VERY soon!