GAMEPLAY RECAP V — We appreciate our loyal community

Mar 18, 2018 · 1 min read

So far the YouCollect gaming experience has been amazing! We appreciate every player in our community and we want those to be rewarded, who believe in our collectible card game. This is why we decided to give all cities, which were collected before the update goes live a single resource boost at the beginning. The resource boost will be calculated with two factors included: the ETH power and your mining level.

We also give all current cities a PERMANENT RESOURCE DISCOVERY BOOST. Each time you discover new resources, you will get more resources than any other city based on the powerlevel of the card and the level of the mine!

With the new sink implementation we will also be able, to raise the threshold of the mining function. This means that high level mines will produce a lot more YCC than low level mines.

The threshold works like this: In the beginning, when there is no YCC at all, high level mines produce more YCC than low level mines. We call this difference the mining gap. When the amount of YCC in the game comes closer to the threshold the mining gap gets smaller, until all mines produce the same amount of YCC. This way we want to limit the amount of YCC, which otherwise would exponentially grow.

4….3….2….1…. Takeoff for the Patch Notes!


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