Rockets & Resources UPGRADE Live — Patchnotes

4 new resources for each city:

  • Oil, Titanium, Silicon, Uranium

Get resources through a discovery:

  • Every city can make a discovery for YCC.
  • Discoveries produce resources and have cooldowns.

Voting system:

  • You can make a vote on a subcontinent for YCC.
  • The vote will reduce the discovery cooldown and increase the amount of resources.

Loyalty system:

  • Cities owned by players, BEFORE the patch hits, gain a permanent boost to discover resources, which depends on the mining level and the city power.
  • They will also get a single resource boost in the beginning.

Space Race:

  • The goal of this update is to be the first player to land on the moon.
  • There are six rockets, which will compete in this race.


  • Rockets can be collected by any player at any time.
  • Rockets have a fund, which stays in the rocket on owner change.
  • Resources can be transferred from a city to a rocket fund, the rocket owner decides the price.
  • Resources will impact the travel time to the moon. Once you start a rocket, you can not change the travel time by putting more resources into it.


If you own a city you will see this window in your collection. To start a discovery click on the button “DISCOVER MORE RESOURCES”. The numbers in the colored squares show you the amount of resources in your city.

In this part of your interface you transfer resources to a rocket, by clicking on the corresponding button. A dialogue will show up, giving you the possibility to transfer your resources to an available rocket fund.

The property below shows the resource discovery cooldown.


To buy a rocket click on “Buy contract”, the price is displayed as usual below the rocket image. You buy the rocket with all its resources, which are displayed in the colored blocks. The Traveltime in this case is 520913 blocks and can be decreased by adding resources.

The interface displays the country of your rocket and the resources. You can increase the fund of any resource by clicking on the button “Increase YCC funds” which will lead you to a dialogue to determine the amount.

The rocket can be launched by clicking on the button below the “Rocket Launch” headline. MAKE SURE YOU ONLY DO THIS IF YOU REALLY WANT TO.

Enjoy our brand new Update which will go live any minute! May the collectible crypto force be with you!