Can Voice Search by Customers find your Business?

Voice search is totally changing the way local customers find your business. People are now making Google search with their voice asking their smartphone. Can customers find your business with voice searches?

If you run a small business and local people are your targeted customers, you probably know how important search engine optimization, local business marketing and local business listing is.

But with the advancement in technology, we have to make a shift with SEO strategies as well. The same old trick won’t give you any business and a better ranking in Google.

One of the biggest advancement is “voice search.” However voice search was already there with Siri. But with the announcement of Google’s “OK Google”, the voice search has become more efficient. Voice search is no more for mobile phone only, but now it is being connected to the entire web.

Day by day, these voice search features getting upgraded to provide search results with high level of accuracy.

“More than 20% of searches through Google’s mobile app are already from voice queries, and the numbers are growing. By 2020, it’s expected to account for more than half of all searches.” — Google

It matters a lot. Why?

According to Google, they are making changes in their search algorithm moving from strings based keywords to more on conversational phrases i.e. the way people ask their smartphones to search anything. Hence we need to rethink the SEO strategies.

How can I prepare my small business for voice search?

It’s simple, start tailoring your webpages with more conversational phrases. Apart from this you need buff out the metadata on your website accordingly and update your Google Business Listing and other local business listing with conversational phrases. Because in most cases this is what the search engine picks up.

Let’s understand this concept with an example. Imagine you are searching for car mechanics in your neighborhood.

With typing probably you will type “car mechanics Sydney” but a voice search is slightly different and would sound more like this,“Where can I find a car mechanic near me?”

When a search engine gets a command “near me” or “nearby”, it cross reference your device’s location with the local business listing or Google Business Listing and gives search results that put them nearby.

In a nutshell:

Thinking the way people make voice search and making sure your business has a fully loaded online listing, will make your marketing strategy a success, when voice search becomes the norm. So stay ahead of the curve and start planning accordingly. From now onward, yes.

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