Why Every Female Should Go Out Solo, On a Regular Basis.

There are a lot of posts out there about traveling solo, I’ve even got one of my own from my recent solo trip this summer. The whole point of going alone is spending time with yourself, taking yourself out of your comfort zone and forcing yourself to deal with things you run into independently.

But what happens when you come home? I can say that since being back from my trip, I have gone out to eat by myself and gone out for a drink at a nearby bar. It’s gratifying to not have the fear of doing so anymore. Plus, I’m free from depending on other people to try new places.

Benefits of solo:

You go exactly where YOU want to go →no questions asked.

You eat and drink as much as you want →no judgments.

Don’t need to cook for yourself →yay!

People watching galore →who doesn’t like to do this?

Make new friends →never know who else you’ll see that’s also alone….much easier to strike up conversation.

Make friends with the bar tender →self-explanatory

No need for idiotic small talk → e.g., first date

On a more serious note…

Be alone with your own thoughts — sometimes those are enough to keep you occupied. I’ve found myself having many conversations to myself and in doing so I’ll come to a decision that’s been plaguing me, or I’ll calm down about something that was bothering me.

Learn how to be comfortable with yourself — this is probably the biggest advantage. Often my hesitation with going out alone was that I felt that I would be scrutinized by others; that people would judge or point me out, or that I would stick out like a sore thumb. What I learned on my solo trip was that NO ONE notices. If you take a look around you’ll see that not only are people so pre-occupied with themselves, about 90% of them are on their phones anyway. Kind of comical to watch actually.

So cast that fear aside. Keep your head up and relax into your own skin. You’re just another gal out for a meal and a drink, who’s badass enough to be confident and comfortable with who she is and does not care what other people think.