How can you create the next Dreamforce or WebSummit with the best world-wide sponsors

Accordingly to a Forrester market research, 24% of the world’s CMO’s will increase the budget spent on live experiences in the year of 2018 representing an impact of $500 billion in GMV sales in the event industry worldwide.

The events and entertainment industry is one of the biggest industries in the world generating more than $3 Trillion a year and is the one that evolves more moving parts, industries, and businesses.

Now more than ever big brands, corporations, and organizations are using live event experiences like conferences, expos, and trade shows to engage with customers, leads, partners, fans, sponsors, and build a daring loyal community.

Still, is not easy for a company like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, or even smaller ones like a marketing agency, or blockchain startup to organize a successful conference, expo, or tradeshow.


Because they spend too much unuseful time on trying to get sponsors and sell the vision of their event in a way that doesn’t give trust and clarity to the wanted audience.

Of course that if you are a Dreamforce, or WebSummit it’s “kinda” easy saying, to incentivize companies to exhibit or sponsors to give their money, but still exists a big gap on “what’s the ROI that I will get from the event?”, “what are the insurances that you give me regarding my participation in the event?”

Today we want to cover that and show you how our “old-new friend” technology, can change that, forever.

Virtual Reality.

Youcanevent developed a VR technology that allows event organizers to visualize their event experience before it happens in a VR headset or WEBVR (through the web browser).


Let’s repeat again.

Let’s say that you want to do a DreamForce, but you don’t have the credibility, neither experience, expertise, connections or networking.

You just have to paths:

  1. You struggle, and you will try to hire an event agency or ask for friends, go out and get sponsors, and you know beforehand that your event will be FAR from a DreamForce dimension
  2. OR
  3. You come to us, and you’ll be able to create your “Dreamforce event” in a VR environment and say “See? This is the event that I’ll do! Do you wanna miss this?
  4. See a real customer use-case here (Growth Marketing Conference):

Is not a video from the venue, is not your past event, is not an event that someone organized, is not a 3D paint creation…


Apologies if we sounded too aggressive, but such disruptive technology needs to be clear about the outcome that you can get after using this.

(this technology is like hot summer or beautiful sun every day for any conference organizer)

Even though, expos like Dreamforce or WebSummit, need this to engage with the companies exhibiting.

On our specific case as a technology startup, we always received invitations to attend the WebSummit and multiple conferences all over the world, but as the famous saying …

“What the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t feel…”

But if we were able to visualize our booth beforehand, see the OTHER exhibiting booths, visualize the initiatives that they are creating, see the what sponsors are investing in, we would might say “Ok, let’s do this investment because this X company will be there, and we know that can be better”

Are we outlining your pains and fears?

We have been there so we know exactly what we are talking about.

Let’s break down this by bullet points for the left side of the brain understand better:

  • VR technology to get sponsors and attendees excited
  • With this technology, the sponsors and attendees are able to visualize the event before it happens. You can create contests, launch polls incentivizing the “co-creation” of the event together.
  • How to dramatically reduce the cost of your event and get more sponsors
  • If you don’t have any expertise, neither know where to find the vendors needed for your event you can always go to our marketplace, and find everything you need like Venues, Entertainers, Decorators, Photographers in less than minutes with multiple proposals per each category, ALWAYS with special discounts and promotions.
  • How to attract the biggest brands in the world to sponsor/partner with your event
  • Be pro-active, and create booths, banners, stands, initiatives with the biggest brands in the world involved and share with them your vision.
     One of the things that we have seen working with one of our customers was creating a huge outside banner, LED screens with their logo, and wallpaper inside of the venue, and that motivated them in less than 48 hours to sponsor the event.
  • What sponsors care about
  • Sponsors care about, people loving the event, and in a subliminal, “massaged” way, engage with their brand.
  • They want to feel that your event was a pool for a solid follow-up where the attendee (just because attended your event) will listen to your proposal BECAUSE you were one of the sponsors.
  • No one gives any consideration to a sponsor of a bad event. Not even if it is a big world-wide brand.
  • So what sponsors really CARE about, is the success of your event.
  • Better event = more sponsors.
  • How to deliver value to companies exhibiting at your booths
  • This is the most delicate one. If you don’t have clarity on how it looks the outcome of paying for a booth and exhibiting at the conference, why should I consider you?
  • Will I just spend money to accomplish the marketing plan? No.
  • I want to make sure that “my participation” is real, effective, and will drive growth.
  • Best way?
  • I have to prepare the “house” that will represent “my company” at the conference. I want to look good. Not good. I want to look amazing and be the biggest attraction. The booth that everyone talks about.
  • How to create a remarkable pre-event engagement experience
  • “I want to be different. I want to get PR exposure, and show to the world that my event is the leading-industry event.”
  • Our advice.
  • Think Different
  • - Steve Jobs
  • - Showing the map of the event, in a way that can be used to guide and do walk-throughs, like “house-tours”
  • - Videos of the event
     You can include past videos from specific areas or sections of your conference to show-case what past companies, speakers, brands have done in the past
  • - Videos from the event organizer
     You can create contests, challenges, and initiatives, represented on videos to drive engagement with sponsors, attendees, partners and community

Real customer use-case: The success of the Growth Marketing Conference

Because we LOVE transparency, clarity, and bull-shit free REAL value, we can have one of our customers jumping on a call with you and TESTIFYING on how this VR technology delivers 100% success for your event experience.

Vasil from the Growth Marketing Conference is more than happy to explain you in detail what were his past struggles and how he removed that with

Pricing-wise, if we want high-quality products and experience we have to pay accordingly.

Good news.

Is that the is accessible to everyone, at an affordable price.

We believe that everyone in the world should be able to create events that people love.

If you are interested in knowing more click here in this button and our Co-founder and COO Joao Raminhos aKa Master of Diagrams, will show you the detailed pricing for your event.

Never forget.

Life is a celebration, sing, and dance with her.


Originally published at Youcanevent.

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