James Zhao story about Token Galaxy — Crypto Currency and Blockchain event

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Today we’re going to share the story of a face that you know.
 James Zhao, the founder of SV First, Inc., To The Moon Center, Bitcoin God, and recently founder of the Token Galaxy — the silicon valley’s crypto trading hub conference, that counted with the presence of high prolific Chinese investors and personalities from the crypto world.

Ok, now that I made a brief intro, let’s rewind 8 months ago from this publication and start telling this story.

James Zhao, is a serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley and Shanghai, China, that in the last 7 years brought more than 100 Chinese companies to do their expansion in the US market. James has been a gateway and path for the Chinese ventures in the land of Unclesam.

Because of the recently growth of Chinese companies possessing huge amounts of Bitcoins and crypto currencies, James was pushed to enter in a whole new market and help Chinese crypto companies to expand in the US market.

Two years ago he started his deep involvement with the crypto and blockchain world, by starting a formal partnership with Chandler Guo, one of the biggest Bictoin miners in the world.

That said, was natural for James affirm himself in the Bictoin and Blockchain world in Silicon Valley, and guess what?

What’s the best way to share your vision, your accomplishments, your community with the world?

By creating a remarkable event experience that attendees love.

So James decided to create, what would become the Token Galaxy, 6 months ago, with 0, I’ll repeat again, 0 event experience.

First two struggles, huge pain-points that James had:

  • Didn’t know where to find the vendors for his event
  • Didn’t know how to share his vision about what he wanted to do

Let’s focus first on the second.


James Zhao wanted to build a Nasdaq Style environment, where people from all over the world can come, get in, get an office space, trade bitcoin, and be always connected with the crypto-charts analyzing the market.

Also, James wanted to incentivize companies, and venture capitalists, that highly support blockchain like Clipper Coin Capital, to have their virtual and physical incubation in the building and discover the latest trends and coins that are being created in this decentralized ecosystem.

Initially, James tried to do a 3D floorplan describing what would happen in the conference, but let’s be honest, that doesn’t SHOW, doesn’t allow you TO SEE, what is the vision of the event organizer right?

Time to leverage the disruptive, and innovative Virtual Reality technology from the Youcanevent.com marketplace where we allow the event organizer to see the end result of the event BEFORE IT HAPPENS.


  • The furniture
  • The catering
  • The venue
  • The audiovisuals
  • The lighting
  • The printing services
  • Speakers
  • Entertainers


With James permission, we are sharing today his Virtual Reality environment here.

<iframe style=”width: 960px; height: 540px; border: none;”
 allowfullscreen allow=”vr” scrolling=”no”

After creating the VR environment in less than 4 days, James shared with his POTENTIAL (potential means that they weren’t committed yet) sponsors, partners, and attendees.

Guess what?

In less than 4 days, James was able to commit more than $100,000 in sponsorships, and both sponsors and partners CLEARLY understood the vision of his event, and earn a tremendous confidence in the success of the conference.

And attendees?

The hype was huge, by watching which companies were attending the event and the whole “Nasdaq Crypto Hub” effect that was being created at the venue.

Sponsors, and partners happy, now time to execute the event right?

Listen or read carefuly now…

Through Youcanevent.com, and in less than 48 hours James was able to book ALL THE VENDORS NEEDED for his conference, with price, time of delivery, line item sheets, and INSURANCES (coi’s and permits) for the event.

In less than 48 hours.

Why? Because the vendors clearly understood the vision of the event that James Zhao wanted to organize, with no margin for error, literally replicating is vision/dream into reality.

Prove yourself in the video down below.

Our team also decided to do a video showing the process from Virtual to Reality, where compares both environments and show almost the 100% accuracy of the event projected in VR environment and then turned in reality.

On a recap.

What are the incomparable advantages for big-size events, creating first a VR environment where you share your vision?

  1. Save money
  2. All the vendors providing the services will know exactly what you want. The margin for overspending is almost 0%.
     Usually, event producers use this part of the negotiation to create 10 to 25% increase of the budget, or they try to cut the costs on their end to make more money, because of the lack of UNCLARITY on how it will look like their event experience.
  3. Attract more sponsors
  4. You can showcase the booth, stand, marketing assets, banners, TVs, initiatives that will be developed at the conference in a REAL WORLD IMMERSIVE experience, where the sponsor can understand 100% what they expect from their investment.
  1. Engage with attendees
  2. This is the most innovative and best way to engage with attendees. You can share videos, pictures from the past events, ok, but when is the first time?
     How do you generate the hype? How do you create excitement?
     James developed an initiative with a contest where the attendees had to share an idea of an initiative that they wanted to be developed, and do you want to know what was the idea?
  3. Since the conference was called Token Galaxy, they wanted to transform the whole venue in a SPACESHIP, with blue LED lights, and it was done. Mission accomplished. Attendees happy.
  4. Save time
  5. We’re sure that you heard “A picture is worth than thousand words”.
     Can you imagine how much time James saved, by just showing how it would look like his event with their team members, and explaining the whole flow by just showing?
  6. Stress-free
  7. This turned out to be one of the best experiences that James had in life and gave him the ability to think properly and focus on what matters when organizing an event.
     Sending e-mails to sponsors, do a followup with leads, attendees, and potential partners.
     You should not be worrying about logistics, and vision, that now is easy to execute.
     You should be concern about puttingA yourself in the first line of engagement and make sure that the attendees will love your event experience.

End result?

James Zhao created an event that people loved.

Create events people love.


Originally published at Youcanevent.

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