Finding Support Through Cancer Crowdfunding

Christopher Malcomb sits down with YouCaring’s Head of Storytelling

Chris is a teacher, artist, and writer. A deeply spiritual man, he writes about and teaches mindfulness. After beating thyroid cancer at the age of 29, he was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer this past September at the age of 45, just one month after signing his first book deal.

As we have tea, I listen to Chris ask questions like, “Do I even still want to be here?” These questions are not easy to say out loud and share with an audience, and yet they are real and honest.

Chris shares that the ritual of making tea is important to him now more than ever because at a time of great uncertainty, it is the one thing that brings him grounding and normalcy, “At least I can still make my cup of tea,” he tells me, as we sit outside and talk about his recent ocular melanoma diagnosis and YouCaring fundraiser.

Christopher Malcomb

What I appreciate most about Chris and his story is his authentic vulnerability. He shares that the first person to make a donation to his campaign made a 10K anonymous contribution. I ask him what this felt like, to which he responds, “ honestly, it was scary. Because then, it became real.”

Chris has raised over $30,000 through his YouCaring fundraiser, and what he appreciates most is that this experience has helped him come to terms with his current reality. A lot of our conversation was around acceptance and what it means to be with what is, no matter how difficult it may be.

We talked about the power of community and about the importance of asking for and receiving support. Chris made it clear that yes, he does want to be here, despite the difficulty, and that other people supporting him now are what strengthens his ability to give back and be of service.

Chris reminds us that while it’s not always easy to ask for and receive help, when we do, people (and often people we haven’t heard from in 20 years) show up. Please support Chris, Start your free fundraiser today.

Article originally published on’s blog. Photography & content written by Svetlana Saitsky, Head of Storytelling,

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